Welcome to MINIMAKI – Innovative Therapy Planning Tool for Heart Valve Diseases


MINIMAKI revolutionizes the therapy planning for heart valve diseases through the integration of AI-based data analysis and interdisciplinary collaboration. Our platform allows the simulation of various therapy options based on the digital twin of the patient’s heart, enhances decision-making in medical teams, and promotes comprehensive patient education.


Improving the quality of treatment for heart valve diseases requires interdisciplinary decision-making and cross-location collaboration among medical teams. AI-based data analysis plays a crucial role, but it cannot completely replace the experiential knowledge of doctors. MINIMAKI bridges this gap by combining AI with medical expertise.

Goals and Approach

MINIMAKI uses AI to create individual models for the rapid simulation of various therapy options. This enables precise surgical planning and improves communication with patients through visual 3D models. The platform supports multi-user functionality, allowing medical personnel and patients to collaborate on the digital twin. Innovative mixed-reality concepts also facilitate the discussion of therapy options in medical teams.

Technical Details

With MINIMAKI, you can simulate the digital twin of the patient’s heart with various parameters and perform thorough surgical planning. The application provides an immersive experience for medical staff and patients, and with the support of mixed-reality glasses, collaboration across spatial boundaries is enabled. Multi-user capability promotes teamwork, while Spectator View allows recording the mixed-reality scene from a 3rd-person perspective.

Innovations and Perspectives

MINIMAKI optimizes the selection of therapy options for heart valve diseases through AI-based data analysis. Innovative interaction concepts with mixed reality facilitate the discussion, planning, and execution of surgical interventions. The combination of these measures leads to a significant improvement in the quality of treatment.

Discover the future of heart valve therapy with MINIMAKI – for precise planning, effective collaboration, and improved patient education.