Real-time body augmentation on HoloLens using Kinect.

During Holohack in NYC. (19.07. – 20.7.2017) we teamed up with

Gahee Kang (design & Jaehyun Kim (design

to build the App Skullfit and actually won the 1. place in the Hackathon.

Our goal was to combine Kinect world space coordinates with HoloLens world space coordinates in an automatic approach without using any markers.

On top of this framework, we build the HoloLens App Skullfit, which pins the bones of a holographic skeleton to the body of a real person.

All the bones can then be dropped to the floor and need to be reassembled to the body using HoloLens.

The App is really fun to play, especially if the person in front of the HoloLens tries to hide away from the bones (Zwinkern)

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