AR, VR and 3D technologies for smart working environments

The Internet of Things, virtual reality, artificial intelligence … the digital revolution is in full swing, and yesterday’s future has become today’s reality. In an age when technical progress seems to be overtaking us daily, new information and communication technologies have come to affect almost every area of our life. The ongoing profound structural transformation calls for, above all, a new and innovative working structure, where the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds are blurred.

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AR and VR solutions, 3D technology for image and motion detection, contactless control systems… in every case, we combine the best of both worlds, optimising the interaction between man and machine in a smart working environment. There is no such thing as “standard” for us: we develop solutions tailored to the specific requirements of your virtual working structure.

As a trendsetter for future-oriented solutions and technologies, we recognise and exploit the innovation potentials that come with digitalisation. Our goal is to respond to the questions tomorrow holds with our ideas and visions, and thus to help shape the working life of the future.

Our expertise

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  • Intel RealSense » Holographic
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  • Kinect für Xbox 360 » Holographic
  • DUO » Holographic
  • Unity für Microsoft HoloLens » Holographic
  • Machine Learning » Holographic

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    Who is data experts?

    More than 250 employees, working across three sites, develop individual, easy to standardise, software solutions for our clients. As an IT service company with a focus on system consulting, data processing and developing client-specific software solutions, our strength lies in finding simple, sustainable solutions for even the more complex IT processes. In this way, we equip our clients to meet not only their current requirements, but also those of the future, both efficiently and successfully.